Awarded Underwater conservation film/photographer

Sir David Attenborough about Joakim Odelberg

It all started when Joakim had his first dive experience with a manta ray in Thailand, ” It was one of, if not the best experience I ever had, 45 lovely minutes with these gentle giants”, said Joakim. That 45 minute dive completely changed Joakim’s life and relationship to the ocean.

Today Joakim is one of the most contracted and respected photographers/ filmers/ underwater filmmakers in Sweden.
His devotion to nature both on land and in the sea has reached beyond Swedish borders.
He’s also frequently booked for lecturers both in Sweden and internationally.

Joakim Odelberg also works as a very popular host for Swedish TV SVT’s Mitt i naturen ”Surrounded By Nature”.
He also worked with foundations and companies such as:
WWF Sweden, Baltic Sea 2020, TV4, SVT, Fundamentfilm, Folke Rydén Production, Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, Nordic Council among others.
EUIFA Environmental Award 2011, Swedish TV AWARD Kristallen 2012, Anemone Foundation Environmental Impact Award 2012

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